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Billy Lehman Goodyear

I have had the great pleasure of working with Cindy Ambuehl exclusively on the West Side of Los Angeles for more than 15 years. Cindy engineered our family’s move from Venice to a home that was not for sale in the Palisades that I had texted her a photograph of - for more than a decade it was my favorite house in Los Angeles, and now it is my home. Cindy understands that real estate is personal and that a client/agent relationship is sacred. When both client and agent do all they can to support each other’s success, the results can be special. Cindy is a genius at tuning out the inevitable static that enshrouds the always dynamic Los Angeles market - noise from agents, lenders, insurers, appraisers, title companies, buyers, sellers, and, yes, even us, her clients - and both rooting out and devoting herself to the market fundamentals relevant to a particular transaction. As she eschews hype and both unfounded optimism and pessimism, she burnishes her reputation for being right. Armed with my relationship with Cindy Ambuehl and her sober assessment of contemporaneous entrance and exit numbers, Aeries Development is able to confidently take on projects that make sense in any kind of market. But what is as important to me, and in my company’s mission statement, is that I truly enjoy my day-to-day experience doing this hard work of development. I insist on being surrounded by positive energy and good humor and I want to feel the presence and support of my business relationships ongoing, whether there’s a deal at hand or not - and so always feel ready for what’s next. Cindy always provides this experience in spades. I couldn’t recommend Cindy Ambuehl more highly.


Paul and Michal Davis

Cindy is a fantastic agent. She is knowledgeable, attentive, goes to bat for you and is just so much fun! We had the pleasure of not only selling our house for top dollar with her; but also getting an amazing off market property with her. She is constantly “in the know” about upcoming listings and her expertise and guidance throughout the entire process is second to none. We highly recommend working with Cindy and her lovely team.


Mallika Chopra and Sumant Mandal

Working with Cindy Ambuehl was joyful, efficient, and produced results! From the moment we met, Cindy truly “saw” our needs and desires, and within days she gave us data on pricing for our property, showed us our dream home, and supported us to make an informed decision on next steps. Her team was impeccable, helping us prepare everything from staging our home to financing options to buying and selling in the most efficient time frame. Cindy helped us reimagine our entire life plan - and we have a new home for our family and friends for years to come. We could not be more grateful.


Hege and Mikkel Eriksen

Cindy Ambuehl is a force of nature! We had worked with a few brokers before we met her, but no one comes close to her work ethic, expertise, knowledge and accessibility. More important than all of that though is that she is honest, straight forward, and has a high moral standard. That is the reason we have used her and her amazing team for many transactions, both buying and selling high end properties. They have great marketing, and esthetic sense. She is also a joy to be around, has a great sense of humor and happy to call her a friend. Highly recommended in every way.


Andrei Muresianu

The best in the business. Cindy sold our last house when we moved into a rental (to get a big yard, our old house lacked any yard) and was extremely hands-on with every detail including marketing, staging, escrow, and closing. We were in contract immediately for a lot over asking and the process was seamless. 10/10 on selling. When we looked to leave the rental Cindy searched everywhere. She was knocking on doors of strangers for us and riding the waves of offers, counters, lost chances, accepted offers, inspections, etc. We were in escrow multiple times but discovered everything from an undisclosed 50 year flood plane to past lawsuits with neighbors and Cindy was there connecting us with surveyors or lawyers, each time even if it "probably will be fine" advising us to exit escrow even though she could have gotten her commission and moved on. The house we bought she originally showed us as a pocket listing but the price was too high. After listing then multiple price reductions we made our offer but so did others. However the relationship Cindy and we had built with the owners helped get us the house. She pushed the inspectors hard to get us credits then without being asked negotiated down the price of final repairs (chimneys, etc) with different trades before we closed. Start to finish our house search took almost 8 months with multiple times out of escrow. Cindy was available, patient, honest, responsive and professional the whole time. 12/10 on buying. Cindy is incredibly well-connected across LA builders, realtors, landscapers, developers, etc. She knows who cuts corners and who does great work, she will not just help you find the home but make sure you are ready to take it over and make it right. She is also a wonderful person, and really a pleasure to work with.


Rob Dyrdek

I have never worked with an agent who was more thoughtful and concerned with my interests above all else. She was incredibly patient as I looked at home after home, for almost a year, waiting on the perfect property. When we finally found my dream property her tenacity and professionalism combined to get me a deal I never thought possible. Cindy is truly first class.


Mikkel Eriksen

We could not be happier with Cindy. Her knowledge and expertise are truly unique, combined with great people skills. She answer your call at any time or place, or will get back to you the second she has an opening. That is something we really value in a real estate professional, where so much is about timing and responsiveness. Cindy is as good as it gets.


Jill Young

This was a challenging sale, and Cindy and her team did an outstanding job closing the deal. I see Cindy’s sign on property all over town, and now I know why. She facilitated the sale very professionally, making it extremely easy during the “signing” process. I would recommend them highly for any buyer or seller.


Michael Blend

Cindy is an amazing realtor. We have been with her through both buying and selling homes. She has very detailed knowledge of the local market, has excellent contacts, will help you prepare your home for sale, can give you great advice on where and what to buy, and above all has a wonderful personality and is great to work with!


Chevonne Duncan

Cindy Ambuehl and her team we instrumental in getting our new home. Not only does she have unparalleled knowledge on real estate and years of experience,she is such a pleasure to work with and is so liked and respected by other agents. I honestly believe if it were not for Cindy we wouldn’t be living in our dream home. Thank you!


Erin & Thomas Landry

My husband and I worked with Cindy while relocating from Colorado. She was very knowledgeable about all the different neighborhoods and schools and was able to help us find the perfect location for our family. It was great to have someone we trusted overseeing the process since we were not able to be here in California the whole time. We would definitely recommend Cindy to friends and family!


Ray Nosrati

As one of the largest residential developers in Los Angeles, Huntington Estate Homes, it is mandatory that we work with only the most knowledgeable and professional real estate agents in the business. Cindy Ambuehl and her team pay attention to all the details, making the process effortless for the buyer and the seller. She is beyond amazing and I look forward to working with her again and again.


Stewart Smith

Cindy Ambuehl is the only realtor I would have working for me in the luxury real estate market. I have done 4 separate transactions with Cindy representing my family in the past 7 years. Her knowledge of the market is unparalleled, She knows every desirable corner of 310. I’m in awe of her organization and attention to detail. When it’s time for negotiation her breadth of knowledge shines as she draws on decades of experience. The team surrounding her is world class and benefits from her very high standards in every part of the process. I doubt it’s possible to find a more professional and authentic person to understand your needs and represent your unique priorities and interests in this market.


Eva LaRue

I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Cindy as both a buyer and seller. First of all, I have never met anyone more passionate and dedicated to doing a fantastic, thorough, professional job, all while keeping a great sense of humor and staying perfectly lovely and graceful under fire. She is always going the extra mile- I honestly don’t know if she sleeps. But enough of the gushing, the bottom line is that Cindy pulled off what I consider my own little miracle. I was caught in a bidding war with 3 other offers, 2 of them cash (neither of them mine!). I couldn’t go higher and was tapping out when Cindy pulled out her secret weapon. Something she uses as a genius negotiation in just such cases. I would tell you what it is, but then she’d have to kill me. Suffice it to say, I am happily living in my dream house after Cindy’s bargaining prowess won the day and the bidding war! She was equally fantastic representing me as a seller. I feel so thankful to have had her at the helm, and I think this is where her years of expertise really pay off, because she is able to take what could be a very stressful time, and make the millions of little things that can go wrong, go right and all without batting an eyelash. She is worth her weight in gold as a professional and a friend.


Jason Finger

There are real estate "agents" and then there is Cindy Ambuehl. I have a data point of only one but what a data point it was. Cindy worked with us for 3 years, very patiently. If the home was not in our ideal location by one block, no problem. If the home was perfect in every way but, for some unexplainable reason didn't feel right, no problem. She never rushed us. After showing us only a small number of homes, she "got us" and fine tuned the process to make sure that we didn't waste our time. Literally every house she showed us was a credible potential home for us based upon our very, very specific criteria even when we moved our target area from Santa Monica to Brentwood and then, again, to Pacific Palisades. She was not only an expert who shared thoughtful insights on market dynamics, local trends, quality of builders, etc. but also was a perfectionist who didn't want to just find us a home but wanted us to find our dream home. And, during a period of time when there was literally nothing that she thought would be amazing for us, whereas most brokers would have still tried to get us to buy something, She recommended to us that we rent. That's not a broker, that's a friend and helped us to find an amazing rental. Once we found our dream home, she was a master strategist who helped us to navigate a very competitive bidding situation in a complex transaction with expertise that would make even the finest corporate attorneys blush. She was not only super helpful but her contacts and relationships in the industry also saved us a lot of money through informal conversations that educated us on some thorny issues. While I don't expect to move for a long time, if I do, there's only one person I'll call.



Cindy Ambuehl has positioned herself as the “go to” agent for high end, luxury services, and it’s all due to her tenacity, trustworthiness, experience, and heart.