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Tom McCormack

I have had the pleasure of working with Cindy and her team over the past several years, and most recently through the sale of our family home. Cindy's in-depth knowledge and commitment to the LA real estate market is inspiring and is clearly reflected in her success. I would recommend anyone to Cindy and her team and thank them for the wonderful job they did in helping with my families most recent transaction.


Maryl Georgi

Cindy and her team have purchased and sold several homes for me since 2010. I have always been impressed with her attention to detail, her ability to negotiate with finesse, and her resources to refresh a property or handle any permit/inspection issues. I wouldn’t want anyone else by my side throughout the overwhelming process of changing homes.


Anita Bhatia

I have worked with Cindy for over 10 years. She has helped me buy and sell around six homes. I cannot say enough good things about her. Cindy makes every single client feel special. She takes the time to get to know YOU and then works tirelessly to find the perfect home. Cindy has an amazing team that is on top of everything; I always feel like I'm their only client. That's how personalized the experience is. In a city like Los Angeles where there are real estate agents at every corner, Cindy is a breathe of fresh air. Her heart and passion always shine through.


Scott Pendery

As a real estate developer and investor over the past 10 years, I’ve purchased, built, or sold dozens of residential and commercial properties throughout the United States. I’m proud to say that after meeting Cindy Ambuehl four years ago, and watching her navigate the successful sale of one of my complex investment properties in Pacific Palisades, she earned my trust and respect and has become the exclusive real estate professional I turn to for all of my Southern California projects. Whether I’m buying or selling, Cindy is my first call. More importantly, Cindy is also my go-to real estate advisor when we’re designing a new home and want to know exactly what today’s top tier buyers are looking for. Her clientele have excellent taste and exacting standards. We want to deliver an exquisite home that will live up to their expectations. Cindy’s early involvement ensures we bring the perfect product to the market and no critical details are overlooked. There’s no doubt, Cindy knows real estate. She also knows people. She has a unique gift of quickly connecting with them and understanding their needs and desires, as well as their worries and fears. She can empathize with buyers and sellers and always finds a way to ensure both parties feel listened to, understood, and valued. From that perspective, she’s able to bring both parties together for win-win real estate transactions, and in some cases, long lasting friendships. I hold Cindy in the highest regard and wholeheartedly endorse her as a trustworthy, high energy, hard working, and highly effective real estate professional. Do yourself a favor, give her a call.


Billy Lehman Goodyear

I have had the great pleasure of working with Cindy Ambuehl exclusively on the West Side of Los Angeles for more than 15 years. Cindy engineered our family’s move from Venice to a home that was not for sale in the Palisades that I had texted her a photograph of - for more than a decade it was my favorite house in Los Angeles, and now it is my home. Cindy understands that real estate is personal and that a client/agent relationship is sacred. When both client and agent do all they can to support each other’s success, the results can be special. Cindy is a genius at tuning out the inevitable static that enshrouds the always dynamic Los Angeles market - noise from agents, lenders, insurers, appraisers, title companies, buyers, sellers, and, yes, even us, her clients - and both rooting out and devoting herself to the market fundamentals relevant to a particular transaction. As she eschews hype and both unfounded optimism and pessimism, she burnishes her reputation for being right. Armed with my relationship with Cindy Ambuehl and her sober assessment of contemporaneous entrance and exit numbers, Aeries Development is able to confidently take on projects that make sense in any kind of market. But what is as important to me, and in my company’s mission statement, is that I truly enjoy my day-to-day experience doing this hard work of development. I insist on being surrounded by positive energy and good humor and I want to feel the presence and support of my business relationships ongoing, whether there’s a deal at hand or not - and so always feel ready for what’s next. Cindy always provides this experience in spades. I couldn’t recommend Cindy Ambuehl more highly.



Cindy Ambuehl has positioned herself as the “go to” agent for high end, luxury services, and it’s all due to her tenacity, trustworthiness, experience, and heart.